November 23, 2009

Ready for Primetime!

Hi Diane, I hope you like your new blog! I had so much fun setting it up for you. I used the natural beauty background from and one of their coordinating images to make the header for you using My Digital Studio! Mom can tell you all about it as she was on the phone with me as I made some changes. I didn't even know that you liked owls so much! She is also responsible for sending me the fab picture of you so if you don't like it, blame her! Just kidding, I think it's a great picture. Anyhow, look around and see what's here. I added some fun links on the right for you to explore. We can change anything you don't like.

Now what to do from here...I recommend taking a look at some sites on the web that offer tutorials and help. Here's a good one about creating a basic post like I am doing right now. Try out your own post--you can always delete it later. Here's another good one about adding an image to a post. You might also find that it would be helpful to look at a simple book about using Blogspot with Google Blogger. I found Publishing a Blog with Blogger by Elizabeth Castro to be very easy to understand and helpful. Here's a link to it in

So let me know what you think. And thanks for trusting me to set it up for you!


Nancy said...

Isn't it nice to have knowledgeable friends on the web! Don't ya just love your upline! I know I do.
Good Luck Di,
Your Ladies of the Lodge buddy, Nancy

Sherriee said...

Upline, downline, Raspberry this and Crickets that----its all Good! Love the Blog, Di. I wish you all the Best in this wonderful endeavor. Your PASSION and EXPERTISE will take you sailing through those Rafters! Enjoy! Sher (another one of your Ladies of the Lodge gal pals).


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