December 3, 2009

Card for OUR TROOPS from LOL.

I just thought I’d share this photo with you. As some of you know, and some of you don’t; this year my scrapbook/stamping group “L.O.L.” (Ladies of the Lodge) chose to (instead of exchanging xmas gifts) make All Occasion cards for our troops in Iraq & Afghanistan.
They are mailed to a central location called “From Our Heart”……. Who in turns distributes them to the 9-12 chaplains who take to the locations of our troops. We supply a mailing envelope and package both the card & mailing envelope individually in a clear cello envelope. This way the cards can be viewed and handled without getting dirty. Then the soldiers pick what they want to mail home to their loved ones. We hear they most appreciative too! Some write letters to 'From Our Heart' saying just that.
We rubber banded them up in packs of 10 by ‘occasion’ (Birthday, Anniversary, Thinking of You, Holiday, etc,) to make is easier for the distribution. (See photo). This might not look like much to some of  you, but believe me, there is a lot of hard work, time and love that went into making these cards. This is done by many, many stamping & scrapbooking people across the country and we found out about 'From Our Heart'  this year. If you’d like to know more about it, this is the website… .
So with that said………. Just wanted to say we all felt very proud to have accomplished what we started just a few short weeks ago and I am pleased to announce that our FIRST Box was finished last night and will be shipped this week.
We completed 337 cards w/mailing envelopes ready to be picked by one of our soldiers to send home. This was and will continue to be a very rewarding experience for all us. This will become an on-going project for my scrappin/Stampin’ gal pals.
Thanks for listening!


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