May 27, 2015


Hello there.... I'm doing a Super QUICK post!
I needed a few more graduation cards, but had no MoJo working. I was tired of making the same card over and over, so I CASED a few of the card designs from the great inspiration of some of my favorite designers.
The details are a mixture of the PTI and Stampin' UP stamps (current and retired), the SU star punch, PTI Star die and SU cardstock.   
Thanks for stopping by!

May 14, 2015

Spreading Random Happiness

 I gave my really good friend Nancy  from Nanc's Niche of Stampin  a little ribbing about not posting on her blog in a long while; when she kindly pointed out that I haven't posted in a while either!
Although it hadn't been as long as her, she was completely correct. Hmmmm.
So I decided to see what I could do about that.

I don't have the class cards for June done yet, or even have started to create them at this point. So I looked at the photos on my phone, and decided to post a few of the random cards I've made recently, (since my last posting) and they are all for various occasions.
Here's a cute Thank You card that could be used for many things including thanks to a special teacher. Right?
Below are two cards I made for two recuperating friends..  
I love how the "film" strip pulls out to reveal a special message.

Below are two Birthday cards... both a little too much to do in class, but both were made for class participants. IN FACT..... One of these was suppose to go to Nancy, but I had set them aside and when it came time for her Birthday...I forgot about them and I had already mailed her another!
Now...  it isn't the first time I've done that! So anyway... one went to our friend Michele who works part time in a florist, and the other will be on its way to my sister-in-law at the end of the month. Sorry Nancy.... Which one "would" you have wanted?
The last card is going to a young man who will graduate law school this coming Monday. I really like the Popped-Up image highlighted by the fine black penciled lines... just to give some interest.
I hope he likes it.
Well that's it for now.... Ms. Nancy.... 8-)
Hope you enjoy my post today.


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