October 31, 2010

Anything Goes Paper Players #22 Cake, Cake and More Cake!

Hi everyone.... I have LOTS of CAKE to show you today, so I'm going to be a little gabby;  hope you can bare with me for a while.
This post  is for the "Anything Goes" challenge #22  at The Paper Players ".
  I also have to say my FIRST cake posted is going to be a 'joint' post with my friend Nancy over at Nanc's Niche.  It was made by both of us and this cake thing all started because we never celebrated the birthday of one of our scrappers so Nancy and I decided to make her a cake after the fact...AND it's all paper! ....  and here it is.
We made a "CARROT CAKE"! Isn't a adorable?
Nancy made easy business out of cutting out of the pieces as she had bought the SVG file. We hooked that up to her Cricut and the Cricut did all the hard work! Cool. Then we had to score each piece in a million places so we could fold and glue each 'Slice' together. She also made the cute carrots using a Cricut cartridge that decorate the top. The sides are stamped with chocolate chip and more mustard ink to represent the NUTS usually found on the sides of most carrots cakes; as to the two NUTS making it; but we were laughing all the way. 

We filled each slice with paper crafting goodies: small stamps, small punches, ribbons, buttons, brads, and some chocolate of course! Each bundle was wrapped in orange tissue paper which gave each slice a burst of color when the box was opened. Our friend just LOVED it, and so do we.

Well now I bet you think that is the end of the story..... but ohhhhhhh Nnooooooooo.
After it was completed I couldn't wait to show my other pals and my daughter (who lives in Missouri). 
She thought it was FABULOUS and that it would a great idea for my granddaughter's birthday party for her preschool class of 10. The school also promotes non-sweet celebrations.
Well Gramma just couldn't say no.... so here I went again on my own. 

I chose to do a Safari cake... and look what I ended up with.
I wanted to do some stamping too, so I heat embossed the animals on each slice and colored them using markers and inks then cut them out and attached with glue dots. Isn't it cute? I also knew I wanted to use this goofy elephant stamp I have but it was too large for the side of the slices, so I made my own topper. Too funny heh?
I created the tree and flowers using several dies and punches. The little goofy elephant is on both sides so it doesn't matter which way he sits.
The slices where embellished with some zig zag strips to make it look like yummy chocolate layered in the marble card stock cake slices.
Then each slice was filled with not too sweet goodies for each of the 10 kids, teacher and assistant in the class. They will each get 2 note pads, 1 marker, 1 crayon eraser, 1 fuzzy sticker, 1 sucker, and 1 small candy bar.
This worked out perfectly for the class of 10 plus teacher and assistant with a 12 slice cake. I finished it up and sent it out stacking the pieces and topper in a priority mail box. She called me today to tell gramma she loved it and she can't wait to take it to class on Thursday for her Big 5th Birthday party at preschool.  

Okay, now I know you thought I was done, but ooooooohhhhhhhhhh nnnoooooooooo. Just one more.
This last cake is NOT a stamping nor paper project, but I'd like to share it anyway. This is Diaper Cake I made for one of my colleagues at work. It's for a baby boy. The only thing on it that is from my paper crafts is the Card, the ribbon and the tag I made with the RECIPE for the cake. The rest is just "stuff" for baby that you can find on the recipe.

I started with cardboard pizza round and then rolled (with the help of my girlfriend Sharon) 50 new born Pampers, wash cloths, 5 Onesies, 3 hats, 2 receiving blankets, socks that are rolled and held with small rubber bands.
The cake is made of 3 layers and each layer has a Large rubber band around it; each layer is also stuffed with baby shampoo, lotion, and baby wipes, in the middle. Then within the diapers there is 4 bottles, teething rings, rattles, nose aspirator, medicine dropper, outlet covers, frog toy, and topped off with a Rubber Ducky!

 Then I added ribbons over the large rubber bands of each layer and put it in a shrink wrap bag and heated with a blow dryer to hold it all together.

 I attached the RECIPE so the person would know what was IN the cake without tearing it apart right away.

Tied a bow and added my card.

Wha La!  Ok........ That is finally...... THE END.
Whew that was a Lot of Cake!!     
Are you full yet?

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Linda Callahan said...

Well I gotta tell ya I love cake.....especially carrot cake and cream cheese frosting! These are fabulous!

Nancy said...

Hi Di,
Great posting, now I'm off to add the carrot cake to my blog, love your safari cake and the diaper cake your friend at work will love it.

Pam~ said...

Carrot cake is my favorite dessert and your cake is the best kind to have ... no extra calories and looks fabulous! Wonderful post with all the goodies you showed off!

Nance said...

Diane, you've been a busy girl! Great job on all the cakes! Thanks for joining us again at The Paper Players!

Carla Bazhenow said...

I love everyone of your cakes and your story too!!! Your card is just as pretty. Hugs,

Marcia Santiago said...

hi, new follower from SC...

Ann Schach said...

Wow, these are fabulous! So cute and unique!

Ann Schach said...

Wow, these are fabulous! So cute and unique!

Regina Mangum said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm speechless, these are so darn cute!!!!!!

Sam said...

These cakes are FABULOUS, and I love your cake topper too. WOW, just WOW!



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