December 30, 2010

Stylish Blogger Award Surprise!

Imagine my surprise when I found in my comments I won this award!
This award was given to me by Donna Centamore at Butternut Sage .
 Thank you SO MUCH Donna for thinking of me. I am SO Excited!
Part of accepting this award is to:

1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you this award. Thanks Donna!

2. Share 8 things about yourself

3. Pass it on to 8 bloggers

4. Contact those bloggers and tell them about their award

8 Things about me:

1 - I work full time as a Quality Systems Internal Auditor for the automotive industry, and auditor my companies facilities in Michigan, Kentucky and Mexico.
2 - Originally my passion was scrapbooking, but I slowly became an obsessive Stamper and card maker. LOVE every minute of it too.  8-)
3 - I became a Stampin' Up demo going on two years in May. (Still feel like a newbie.)
4 - My wonderful-long-distance-out-of-state Up-Line Nance; while visiting her mom (my gal pal) use to think my scrapping group was a little nuts for playing with paper. She even said to my pal Nancy (her mom) "you girls actually do this once a week?"..... Heeeeeellllllllllloooooooooo .....Yeah we do!  Pretty funny now eh?
5 - As much as I 'USE' a computer.... I'm pretty much a stumper as to HOW the inerds work, or how to do a lot of stuff .... just ask Nance, Sharon, Nancy, Sherriee.... what would I do without them? THANKS gal pals!
6 - Have one daughter and three 'perfect' Grandchildren.
7 - My DREAM would be to make my hobby my full time job! A girl can dream can't she?
8 - I admire and am grateful for the many talented bloggers out there that give me inspiration and friendship and especially to the ones who stop and leave a comment from time to time.

As difficult as it is to only name 8 I admire, I'm passing this award on to:


THANKS to ALL of you for enriching my LOVE of stamping!


Ann Schach said...

Oh my gosh, Diane! You are a sweetie to nominate me! I am proud to be in the company of such lovely stampers...who are inspirations to me!

Linda Callahan said...

Thanks Diane - what a sweet surprise! I loved reading about you , Nance and her mom! You three are all so talented! I will be posting 8 things about me.....hmmm better start thinking!

Karen said...

Thanks Diane:. I am thrilled and this is so thoughtful of you. I am glad that I am able to bring inspiration to you. I am very proud to be a Stampin' Up! demonstrators and have met many wonderful people (like you) along the way.

Carla Bazhenow said...

Oh Diane, thank you so much!!! You have so honored me to be in the company of you and these awesome ladies. Thanks YOU!!! Hugs,

Nance said...

Awww, thank you Diane. You're so sweet well except when you tell all my secrets!! :-) Thank goodness my mom started "scrappin" with all of you! Thanks so much for the award! Hugs, Nance

shar910 said...

Diane -

Congratulations on your award!!! You are my favorite teacher!!

Love ya,

shar910 said...

Diane -
Congratulations on your award! You so deserve it!

Love ya,


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