April 7, 2013

Winter Storm 2013 MDS Catch Up

Today my inspiration came from my grand kids. They call me constantly and this weekend is no exception. They were chatting with me from their deck .... in their shorts! I'm so dang jealous because here Michigan it's still COLD! We are still in the 40's and windy as all get out. So I decided to catch up on my scrap-
booking. MDS scrap-booking of course! 

This is a few photos of the last snow storm that they had in Missouri when it happened to be in February and it was warm here Michigan. Go figure. 
I was so happy it wasn't us but now the tables have turned on Gramma in March. 
The background is the tree in their front yard that I turned into DSP and made it black & white as well.  
The funniest photo here is the one on the left that looks like Becca is being blown over! It just so happens her big sister Hannah snapped the photo just as she was falling. Too funny. 


Nancy said...

Oh Diane, this is lovely and what a great idea turning that gorgeous tree into DSP, you go girlfriend! The pix's of the kids are precious too, fabulous job!

Karen said...

Diane, I am so glad that you are at home after being on the road for 2 weeks. There is nothing better than your own bed when you have been gone for a while. Love your MDS page, especially how you turned the photo of the tree into a background paper. You have fabulous grandchildren. Hugs Karen


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