April 29, 2015

Wheeling Onward!

My friend at work decided to go and take riding lessons.... motor cycle riding...  after many years of not being on a bike. So she signed up for a three day session.... including classroom and riding. She passed her class with flying colors and beat most of the men in the class too! Way to Go!
Here is the card I made her to celebrate the occasion.
She was so surprised and loved the card.
I forgot to use my embossing buddy before I heat embossed the cycle, but it looks okay a little gritty... right?

1 comment:

Nancy said...

I love the way your not using the embossing buddy left a few bits (which really aren't even visible) it looks like your gal pal slid in on her bike and tossed up some gravel, good for her.
Love the coloring of the bike and of course the sprinkling of sequins, even a bike rider needs some glam. Kudo's to her too!


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