July 6, 2015

July Class Fun

Just a quick post to show what we'll be doing in the July class, or at least 3 of the 4 cards per class that I kit and have ready to go. I like to have a couple simple cards and a couple with more complex features. The stations are set up Easy/Hard/Easy/Hard. This makes the timing go more smoothly and everyone seems to finish at the same time.  The Number 4 card is still a mystery!
Since I just returned from driving my grand kids half way home to meet mom/dad after a 3 week visit with gramma in Michigan, I had NO time to be creative. So again I will be using a few CASE cards I found during visits to some of my favorite blog designers.

The first is a CASE from Linda Callahan, one of my favorite designers.  I love her style and humor.

The second is a new set I purchased from PTI. The cherries are coated with crystal effects and I think the entire card looks much cuter in person than in this picture.

And what could more simple than a bunch of punched shapes!
Thanks for stopping by.


Nance Leedy said...

Cute cards, Diane! Love the "arty" look of the third one and the others are so sweet. I'm sure your gals had fun making them!!

Nancy said...

Oops how did I miss this post, of course I was able to see the cards first hand at your card class. Great cards, lots of fun,chatting, eating and crafting.


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