October 16, 2015

Boss's Day!

Today is Boss's Day if you didn't know that... and since I have 3 layers of Boss's ...
(V.P., Director and Manager) .... I decided to make them each a little bag of goodies.
Also ... they are all German and freshly transplanted here for 3 year terms.
These are the "dotted treat bags" from SU. I used some die cut leaves and a couple of tags to decorate the outside.
The inside has cello bags filled with a surprise mixture my friend Sherriee turned us stampers on to a few years ago at our weekly get-together. It's Salted Peanuts / Candy Corn mixture... it creates a yummy 'sweet & salty' taste in your mouth.
Since I took these photos,  I decided to change the mixture to taller cello bags and then I tied with Pistachio and Pumpkin colored twine. Then I added a cute little "sugar, sugar"  To/From tag and clipped it to the twine with a mini clothespin.
Here is  a closer look at the banner treat tag.
I get to work about an hour before each of them, so I was able to put one on each of their desks. They were soooooooo surprised! One of them asked me if this was a "Real Day" in the USA.... funny.
I think the FALL theme turned out cute; but masculine enough to handle all the embellishments.
 What do YOU think?


Nancy said...

OMG Di, you hit it out of the ballpark! Love all the leaves, tags, mini clothes pins and the stampin', but especially the "sugar, sugar, sugar" recipe, I didn't get it (again cause I'm out of town) can you send it to me it sounds divine. Your bosses reaction was so darn cute "is it a real day", nothing like letting 'em know how creative and thoughtful you are!
Great job. Had to giggle cause you, at the last minute, changed the bags (you're sounded more like me daily)!

Linda said...

Very beautiful! :)


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