May 19, 2016

Another... Wacky Wedding Card story

Hi everyone. I want to share another wedding card I made in one day.  A dear friend at work came up to me and asked if I could/would make a "special" wedding card for her OF COURSE was my response... and then I asked.  When do you need it?  She said Saturday... it was now Wednesday. 
Holy Moly! I thought about it and said I HAD to do it TONIGHT! (Wed.... LAST NIGHT).. because Thursday is my golf day... and she was off Friday... and the wedding was Saturday!
I shouldn't have asked question #2..... any special colors?  YES if you could! They are deep purple, green and orange! I said.... WHAT?????  Sounds like Halloween.
She also commented if you can't do that, maybe "love birds"?
I said "Can you be more specific on the colors?"
She said I can send you a flower arrangement from the shower.... OK.
So this is what she sent to me.
I laughed and said there is NO orange in this arrangement?  Then she said her bridal bouquet will have touch of tiny orange-ish flowers. 
I softly sighed... whew! I can do that....
So I went home after work, cleaned the kitchen after supper and began my mission....
Here is my results.
I know it looks black in the photo, but if you zoom... you can see it is really deep purple.
Here is peek at the inside... I managed to add a few "love birds" too.
I brought it in today and she LOVED it!  Ahhh success.
Please let me know what YOU think!

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Nancy said...

Hi Di,
Well the instructions may have been "wacky", but your card is gorgeous. Love the all over embossing on the background and the bride & groom as Mr & Mrs. look great. The perfect touch is the tiny bouquet of flowers the bride is holding, just adorable as is the grouping of other floral items to incorporate all those "wacky" colors. the inside is just as special. Great job my friend.
BTW, the floral arrangement for the shower is spectacular colors, who knew!


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