September 7, 2016

Fall Fun For Friends

Here are few more cards I made for the Fall.
The first is for a friend recovering from surgery. It was a rough road, but hopefully he is on the mend.
The second reminds me of Fall... ever though it is year round tree for a porch, etc.
The third is much like the second.... a porch greenery shrub/bush/tree.... ???
I really like this set of stamps and dies... if you look close you can see how it cuts the small pine blades on the zoomed photo.
Very simple but I like both!
If you look close you can see the paper piercing around the tree. I off centered the tree to the piercing and added some enamel dots for interest and balance. I also chose to stamp the sentiment at an angle.
One or two of these may make my next class! Which one do like best?
Thanks so much for stopping by... please leave a comment and tell me what you think.


Nancy said...

Hi Di, I love the "rough road" recovery card it's a perfect choice, likin' all those road signs, too cool.
The topiary cards are so nice, I love the simplicity of them and especially your enamel dots and the sentiment on an angle, it really adds interest.

I too have both these sets but haven't done anything with them yet, now you've inspired me, thanks!

Nance Leedy said...

Cute cards, Diane! I don't have the topiary set so I like seeing what you did with it. Love the piercing around the stamped image too!


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