October 30, 2011

Toile & Trouble

Well all the Grammas out there know that I have to stay impartial with the grandkids, so I decided to post another page to include them ALL! Happy Halloween everyone!
Here are all three; Becca the Witch, Hannah is Tinker Belle and little Bumble Bee Brian. Becca informed today... "Gramma, all three of us can FLY!"
Not only are they cute as bug, they're smart as a whip too!

Hootie says " Hoot Hoot Hooray...Thanks for stopping by today!
      Please leave a comment with your thoughts; I hope you will stop by again!"


Karen said...
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Karen said...

Such cutie patooties or should I say witches, tinkers and bees. Grandchildren are so wonderful. I only got a picture of one of mine, the other one was in some kind of mood and there is no way anyone was taking her picture. The third one I will try for tomorrow. Happy Halloween Diane and stay out of the way of those ghosts and goblins. Hugs Karen

Julie Marshall said...

The perfect little layout for three super cute little grand'babies'! This is just adorable.


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