November 19, 2011

No MoJo Class Colection

Well I'm not sure if the reason I have NO MoJo left is because I've been kitting up items for classes or just the Holiday approaching faster than I'm ready for or what, but I am completely out of MOJO... so today's post is going to be a collection of some of the cards I've had in my last two November classes and the a few for my December class soon approaching. Not only am I out of MOJO I'm feeling pretty lazy too! So think of this more like a slide show - without sound... Hugs.
Beautiful Season and scored background.
Christmas Lodge in Non-Traditional colors for Christmas.
Peek-a-Boo Frames Snowman
Winter Post and Lovely as a Tree.
Super Simple Folded Christmas Tree from 1/2 circle with striped emboss folder.
Dasher .... dashing through the snow... la laa la la la laa la.
Ornament in non-traditional colors with Morning Mocha DSP.
This last one is a CASE from my very talented Up-line Nance at Canopy Crafts. After completing it I decided it's not going to be a class card, but this Curly Cute card is going to my friends as a "Thank You" for our up coming Thanksgiving Day dinner invitation which they always include us to.
THANKS Nance for all your wonderful inspiration!
Well that's the end of my slide show.
Hope you enjoyed the show!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hootie says " Hoot Hoot Hooray...Thanks for stopping by today!
      Please leave a comment with your thoughts; I hope you will stop by again!"


Nancy said...

Di, a great idea the slide show, I loved seeing all of your beautiful cards, is it possible...each one is prettier than the one before. I'd say your MOJO is just taking a break, look at all you've accomplished PLUS all the classes you've had. No lazy slacker are you, girlfriend!

Karen said...

Those are great cards Diane. I enjoyed all of them. Your MOJO will return. I think it is just the hustle and the bustle of the time of year. You have accomplished a lot with your cards considering that you also work outside the home. Had to put it that way because we all work inside the home. Take care. Hugs Karen

Nance Leedy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Di!! I loved seeing a slide show of all your class cards--especially since I only hear tale of how great they are! ;-) My favorite is the peek-a-boo snowman card--love the colors--and the CAS chickdee card--that scored background is wonderful! Thank you for your kind words and all the support and encouragement YOU give to me! (((hugs)))

Ann Schach said...

Fabulous cards, Diane! I could not pick a favorite if I had to! I only wish I lived closer so I could attend one of your classes!

Anne Marie said...

Sometime we all need a little hiatus, Diane! Your Mojo will return...but for now, I'm going to gush all over your class cards, if that's ok! ;) These are some beautiful holiday cards, indeed! You KNOW I'm going ga-ga over that pink one and I just ordered Winter Post and your card has totally inspired me. Big hugs sent your way! :)


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