May 27, 2012

Memorial Day Planting!!!

Hi everyone. Just want to say Happy Memorial Day !!! I have lots of cards I've been preparing for classes, but I don't have pictures. So I decided to show you my two pages I did of my holiday planting!
 The front yard is done in yellows and oranges, and shades of poppy with touch of PURPLE!. Love that new plant... but not sure exactly what it is yet. The man said it would get about 4 feet! YIPEEE. Hope to cover that ugly dryer vent.
The back yard is bright Pink Geraniums... they are double pink shades, dark and light, but it doesn't really show in these photos.

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday Weekend!

Hootie says " Hoot Hoot Hooray... Thanks for stopping by today!
Please leave a comment with your thoughts; I hope you will stop by again!"


Nancy said...

Hi Di, it was fun shopping with you @ the Farmer's Mkt.
such great finds we bought (& pastry we ate)!
Your beautiful purple plant is a Datura and it looks lovely with all the orange, yellow and reds. Very nice welcome to your home.
Happy Memorial Day to you!

Nance Leedy said...

What a gorgeous display of flowers, Diane! It sure is a welcome to all who enter and I LOVE the purple Datura plant--lovely!


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