September 8, 2014

Back to School - Gramma's Class

This post is for my grandkids... just to drop a note and a check for perhaps some school needs.
My grandkids started school two weeks ago already. We always try to tell them we believe in them and that as long as they try their best, well that's good enough for us. We all can't be the best at everything, but we can try our best.  
They also love to do crafts with me when they come to Michigan to visit us.
They are like little sponges that soak up the inspiration from card samples of my previous card classes. They never stop saying "can we make that one Gramma", "can we make that one?" OF course we can is always my reply.
But truely.... they are so creative all on their own and I'm amazed every time I see what they create.  So in honor of being such good students, I'm making this card to hold my letter.  I just want to remind them I miss them, I wish them a wonderful school year, and to try to love learning.  Yeah right.
Here is my card.
Here is the inside.
I always tell them to use thier imaginations and never be afraid to be different. Gramma says: "there are no mistakes in class; just opportunities". We had some pretty fabulous opportunities together!

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Nance Leedy said...

So cute, Diane!! Love the chalkboard easel and the sentiment inside. What a great message for your grandkids!


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