August 25, 2014

Back to School - Fall Fun

My grandkids live out of state and start the school year much earlier than here in Michigan.
I know FALL is right around the corner, but I'm not rushing summer gone just yet.

 Here is a cute little card I made for my grandkids to give to their new teachers. They are all the same, with slight variations. I think they are adorable using the technique I learned last year from PTI using a butterfly die. You can really use just about any die that works with your imagination!

On this one I used HALF of the die cut to the left. The design has a white background.

On this one I used HALF of the die cut to the right...and the design is on a vanilla background.
Both are cute to me... what do YOU think?


Nancy said...

Di, these cards are so cute I know the g-kids will love 'em. The apple dies are perfect to use as a partial border, I too love the effect. I'm just sitting here thinking of other dies to use this same way, endless possibilities.

Pam~ said...

These are darling and sure to be a hit with teachers! I know who will be the teachers fav student after they get these. :)

Nance Leedy said...

Cute cards, Diane! Love this technique and the stamp set is adorable. Great for the kids!


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