March 3, 2011

MDS Practice!

Hi there everyone. 
  I'm very excited to say my good pal (Sharon) purchased the MDS software from me last week, so I thought I better get busy and practice with it! After all, I will have to help her ... and right now I know very little. So I thought to myself.... "Self.... you better practice, practice, practice!" So I did.

I'm doing a quick post of two MDS pages I made tonight... can you believe it? TWO WHOLE pages in very little time at all. I do feel like I'm progressing with the MDS software, but my oh my... SO MUCH to learn.

The pages need no explanation so I'll just post them for you to critque'... and please do tell me what you see if I goofed on something. I LOVE constructive criticism, so don't be shy!

The first post is a photo of my youngest grandson's 2nd Birthday. His big sisters, Hannah & Becca, are helping him blow out his candles. Such sweet big sisters. Here's my page. 

On this page I tried to use a torn edge and some stitching. I still can't figure out how to shorten those ??? I ended up covering up the edge to the left bottom corner with a punch, then filled it with background paper.

The second page is very self explanatory... and Brian's first Official time to do his duty! Here's my second page:

He's gonna have a few words for Gramma when he gets bigger. {smile}
but that's just fine with me!  Hope you like my pages.

Hootie says "Thanks for stopping by and please leave a comment and tell me what you think!" Any and all Tips are welcome too. Hugs.


Pam~ said...

Your practice is paying off...great pages! I have never tried any of the digital stuff.

Anne Marie said...

I had a good chuckle about the irony in the word "practice" in your post, especially after seeing the second layout! Too cute! One day he is going to love that you posted those pics. I don't have constructive feedback, only positive. I think you are doing a great job with MDS. I haven't purchased it yet and you are inspiring me to take the plunge! Hugs! :) said...

Di, Very cut! Practice indeed, yes for Brian, but you're doing great with MDS! Love the colors too.

Karen said...

Diane you did awesome. The picture of the "practice" is too cute. You are ahead of me as I wouldn't post yet what I have practiced. MDS must be your +One and you are off to a great start.

Nance said...

Great pages Di--we would never know that you're "only practicing"--these are great although I think Brian might disagree ;-)!

Ann Schach said...

Oh, Diane! Your pages are fabulous! And such cute pictures, too! I have MDS, but I never seem to have time to play with it! Keep up the good work!

Carla Bazhenow said...

Fabulous pages!!! I sure don't see where you need practice. Gorgeous!!! Hugs,


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