May 7, 2010


Hi everyone.
The 2010 Cupcake Open was held last night at golf and we all had Big Fun! Now I bet you're wondering what the "Cupcake Open" actually is.... aren't you? Well each year my golf league holds the cupcake open the first week in May because three of us gals have birthdays right in a row..... May 5th - me, May 7th - Michele, and May 8th - Nancy. This year Nancy had a stand-in (Carol) since she is still in sunny Florida.

All in all it's just a lot of fun, food and drinks. I had this great plan to make the cute little Fancy Favor treat holder which is the perfect size for an individually wrapped Hostess Cupcake! So I get them all ready to go, then I stopped at the store on my way home... I had two boxes of cupcakes in my hands, when right next to them I see Hostess Suzie-Q's.... on SALE...$1 off........ wellll....... you know me and sales. So what do I do but put down the cupcakes, and pick up the individually wrapped Suzie-Q's.

I don't think another thought, leave the store and I'm very excited to make the treats for my gal pals.
As I'm ready to pack the one, I reach for the box of Suzie-Q's
when ..............  HELLLLLLLLLLLOOOO!!!  The Suzie-Q's won't fit in the Fancy Favor box. What was I thinking! The next thing I know I have to hurry like a crazed woman to make up these cute little Sour Cream wrappers using up odds and ends of paper.

The moral of the story: NEXT time get back in the car and drive the ONE mile to the store and get the treat that fits in the FANCY FAVOR boxes!

Here's picture of me holding one, along with the pretty cards and flowers we got from Sherriee. I told everyone it was a prize and to wait until all the girls arrived and picked one before they opened it. Bet they thought it was going to be more than just a stinkin' little cupcake (Suzie-Q), but they all LOVED it! So much fun.

The wrappers were made with a piece of 9 X 7 DSP closed with double sided tape then crimped on one end with a crimper. Enclose the 'treat' and crimp the other end.  I made little banner tags with a Sizzix die and stamped "Maybe a cupcake would help" on the banner. I stamped the cute little cupcake from another set (?) on whisper white, punched it out with the 1/2" circle and mounted on the 3/4" little circle of CS. I glued that onto the small tag punch which I stamped OPEN on the bottom. "Cupcake Open" get it?  [You may want to click on the picture to zoom in if you're still thinking about it.]
Then I punched a hole through both tags and the sourcream wrapper and tied on with yarn string. Easy peasy!
This posting should be a Summer mini Stampin' Up posting, but not at all. Just sharing a good time.
Hope you enjoyed my summer kick off story and Hootie says "Thanks for Stopping by!"


Nancy said...

Too, too funny, definitely something I would have done as well, but it looks like all turned out okay after all. Sorry I missed the 2010 Cupcake Open. Loved your embellishment on the sour cream containers.

Nance said...

Looks like you had a great time at the Cupcake Open! Hope your birthday was happy...did you get anything in the mail from me???


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