May 2, 2010

Scrapbook in a Box!

Hi everyone.
I was soooooo exicited because May 1st kicked off the new Summer Mini. There are so many cute sets and ... you guessed it. I think I managed to order Every One! Yep, you heard me right. I can't wait for another magic box to appear on my porch.
I spent most of the weekend making birthday cards because I had 11 to get done before May 20th - Can you believe it? Then I need 3 more at the end of the month. Whew.... guess I was lazy, because I made several of the same card. AND the bad part is, I can't post most of them until I get them in mail and the dates are past; don't want to ruin the surprise for a few I know peak here, so those will have to wait until at least next week end for viewing here. But the good news is..... I also made the cutest little Scrapbook in a Box. I found it while reading Kerin Sylvester's blog and followed links to Create with Connie and Mary.
I really had no personal focus for this box, so it isn't completely finished as I would have liked due to timing, so I decided to use a simple swirly roller to decorate it so I could show the basics.
This is what the box would look like finished and closed. Then you lift of the lid... and Whaa La!

Now isn't that just too stinkin' cute? Wouldn't this be a great gift to give a Gramma? It could sit right there on a coffee table, and in a snap it could be opened when asked about the grandkids. So keep this in mind because I think I see a class in the near future on this one. So fun!

Now keep in mind I would probably decorate it a little differently, but I had no special focus in mind. Just wanted to get a generic sample done to show you. Hope you enjoyed it.
Hootie says.... "Thanks for stopping by!"


Nancy said...

Diane, I too have seen this on blogs, but not attempted it yet. It is adorable and I love the simplicity of the paper and stamping. I think it looks fabulous just the way it is, I wouldn't change a thing!
Love it.

Nance said...

I agree--the colors and paper choices are great!


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