June 5, 2013

Happy 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary Bev and Pat

Today's post is going to showcase the card that I made for my dear friend's 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary. 
Her daughters contacted me and asked me if I would... not only make a special card for their parents, but they wanted me to use a few photos of their actual wedding day. Ohhhh by gosh by golly gee! That would be something new for me.
 I made no promises but asked them to send me the photos they wanted me to use and I would do my best. Well I received more than a few photos so I picked two that I liked and thought would work.
One was of their crossed ring hands.... and one was of the happy couple after the ceremony. 
 Here is the results.
I stamped the main card then embossed with a music note embossing folder. The little calendar has a tiny heart on the "actual date".  If you click on the photo and enlarge it you can see the photo of their crossed hands that I die cut in a heart shape and partially matted with a golden heart.
The "50" is also die cut from gold glitter DSP. The leaves are cut from felt and I also have an assortment of cream flowers.
The inside shows the photo I chose of the happy couple. Little did I know this was Bev's  FAVORITE photo! Yippee Skippee ... Can't get any luckier than that!
Since I knew this would be hand delivered I packaged it in an empty plastic stamp set container. Now nothing will get smashed. I made a label for the front and tied a bow with some neutral tulle. 
  Ta Daaa!
I can finally post it today because I know they got it this past weekend. Even though their anniversary is at the end of the month, their kids gave it to them early so they had time to plan the trip they also gave them to re-enact the "Honeymoon". How sweet is that! 
I also know she LOVED the card and she LOVED the photos I picked because she contacted me to say just that. You would have to know my friend Bev to appreciate just "How Much she LOVED it".  
I hope you like it too.
Please leave a comment and let me know what you think.


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