April 23, 2018

Spring Has Sprung.... I think!

Hi there everyone ... (Nancy),

Well hopefully Spring really has Sprung here in Michigan. What a crazy year for weather. Any how, I been doing LOTS of Spring cleaning since I've gotten a fresh coat of paint on my condo, and now just ordered new carpet as well. So I decided to post  a few cards that made me think of the outdoors.

Who doesn't think of those furry friends out for a walk in the sunshine in the spring? Along with the furry friends comes foot prints and sometimes in mud, right? Yuck!  But who could get mad at these cute pups?

With spring also comes the flowers. My tulips are popping through the ground and I'm crossing my fingers there is not another frost! Soon the flower bed will be loaded with many types of blooms.

Lastly... once the blooms are in full force, I like to cut a few of fresh ones for the inside as well.

I know it's been a while, but I hope you're still out there checking in....



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