October 29, 2018

FALL Porch - Fusion Challenge

This post is for the Fusion FALL PORCH challenge.

I played around with many ideas for the FALL. Here is my results. I really love the FALL and the color changes from September to November, depending on where you live. The colors are so beautiful to me, I only wish they lasted longer.
I chose the first card to enter in the Fusion Fall Porch challenge.
I think this one represents the Fusion Photo best. I left some extra distressed leaves for the photo of my card. It reminds me of the leaves in the Fusion photo blowing up against the porch.

More distressed leaves.

I used some old scrapbook stickers for the word FALL on this one.

One of my favorite leaf sets from the past.

This is just a Happy Harvest Fall card I'm using for card class.
I thought it was pretty cute.

This is on it's way to a friend. (?). Guess who.

Thanks for stopping!
Happy Fall



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