June 14, 2020


Tried to keep busy during Quarantine and here are few cards I made.
 Thank goodness for a Hobby!

Happy Pomegranates

Background Die Effects - Need to ZOOM in to see. 

Tulip layering

Popcorn and Movies

Black Marker Background 

Finally …. Using up Scraps

Plus I managed to make up 8 different kits for upcoming classes! 

January 6, 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Hi everyone!  (Nancy)

Well I can’t even believe it’s 2020: who would have imagined!  Even though I RETIRED the end of March 2019,  I haven't posted here since June 2019!

Guess who has been lazy?... Well maybe not lazy... just having too much fun! Not lazy creating just lazy and posting,  so thought I’d share the cards for the January 2020 class that I have planned.
I  hope the girls enjoy..

This is my treat bag for a thank you.
Now just have to get a treat for inside!

Making this one for MICHELE who wanted another bike card.
I just want Spring!

This can be anything including a Valentine 

I try to live my life by this quote and I just this stamp.
I just love anything vellum.



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