July 17, 2013

What's Keeping YOU Busy this Summer???

I haven't posted in forever because my grandchildren have been visiting for 3 weeks. 
 The girls ALWAYS want to make cards and believe me... they are REALLY getting good at it! 
The little guy of course needed to make his own.
They also had lots of fun paddle boating and tubing, Bar-B-Qs and more. 
 Banana boat tube at my brother's cottage. 
 Meeting some people that Gramma works with in the park. We have Friday's Picnic Lunch in the Park. 
Brian painting his helmet
Hot tub fun.
The last thing on our list was to paint Brian's helmet. He begged me from the day they arrived to make his "girl" helmet a "Boy" helmet. So Gramma got out some paints and sponge brushes... 
 He did it all by himself and did a great job. 
It went from Pink to his favorite colors.... Blue and Orange. 
All in all they had a great time over the three weeks. We will be driving half way home to meet their parents on Friday.  It was great fun but Gramma & Papa are pooped! 

July 2, 2013

Fun Folding Birthday For a Friend

One of my gal pals I work with has a birthday on July 5th. So needless to say her big day usually always get out-shined by the festivities going on for the 4th of July.  She also takes her birthday week off so I gave her the card last week and we celebrated at work with our little group. Here is her fun fold card ... and I tried to make it BIG for her big day!
Here is a peek fully opened.
Lots of stuff goin on here!
I hope you all enjoy the July 4th Celebrations!



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